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Zero-ing in on My Recipes

This evening, I sat down with Essentials of Asian Cuisine by Corinne Trang and pored through it in search of all the Vietnamese dishes it contains. The book features sections on all the various cultures, cuisines and ingredients, and the recipes are categorized by course rather than by country, so I had to read through each section to locate all the Vietnamese recipes, which aren't always specifically listed as Vietnamese in the index. (Not that I mind, however, since I got lots of ideas for next month's ThingsAsian Dinner & a Movie in the process.) So... I flagged each Vietnamese recipe with a Post-it Note, and tomorrow, when I sit down to focus on my Dinner & a Movie project again, I can easily locate all the Vietnamese recipes and get an idea of which ones sound the most appetizing, and practical, given the potential scarcity of certain ingredients in my grocery-shopping vicinity.