Chopstick Cinema

Celeste Heiter's Adventures in Asian Food & Film

Setting the Table

When I cook an elaborate meal, I also like to set a beautiful table on which to serve it. I like to dress the table with a colorful cloth, my favorite being a floral sarong topped with a smaller scarf or a simple white cloth. I cut flowers and foliage from the garden, whatever?s in season, and I always try to be creative with the garnishes for each plate. For my Vietnamese dinner, I want to focus on a simple, elegant presentation, using components of my fresh ingredients for the garnishes.

For Asian food, I have lots of little dishes of various sizes and patterns for condiments and small courses. I also have four shallow rectangular dishes that can be used for appetizers and composed salads. For the entrée, I like to use plain white dinner plates. And I have the perfect little parfait glasses to serve the papaya sorbet. But I may make a trip to the thrift shop just to see if they have anything interesting in the way of serving dishes.