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Special Cookware

For the menu I?ve created, I think the only special cookware I will need is a clay pot for the pork loin. There?s a kitchenware shop in downtown Napa called Shackford?s that stocks an amazing inventory of restaurant-quality utensils and cookware, gadgets and gizmos, and lots of decorative and novelty items as well.

I already have lots of bowls for preparing mixed items for the salad and spring roll filling. I have a large saucepan for the soup. I have a rice cooker for the jasmine rice and a wok to stir fry the fresh vegetables. The sorbet requires only a small saucepan for heating the water, sugar and papaya nectar. So it looks like the only missing item is the clay pot. And even if I don?t find one, the recipe books tell me that I can substitute any oven-proof dish with a snug fitting lid.