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Preparing the kitchen, assembling cooking utensils, and prepping dishes ahead.

I spent most of the day getting my house ready for an all-day cooking, dining, movie-watching extravaganza. I wanted the kitchen sink and dish rack completely empty and the stove and countertops nice and clean when I begin cooking. I also hope to keep the dishes done on a continual basis throughout the evening tomorrow, so that I don?t have a giant mess to clean up the next day.

Tonight, I also prepared a couple of things ahead. I made a sweet and sour dipping sauce called nuoc cham. I made a papaya sorbet flavored with with pineapple, mint, ginger, lime and coconut milk. I also took all my frozen ingredients out of the freezer and stored them in the fridge to thaw overnight. But since so much of the dinner relies on the freshest ingredients, most of it will have to wait until tomorrow. I?ve devoted the whole day to cooking, so there?s plenty of time for marinating the pork and preparing the filling for the spring rolls.