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Dinner & a Movie Day

It?s the big day! The one I chose for cooking a Vietnamese dinner and watching The Scent of Green Papaya. I began preparations at about 4:00 in the afternoon, starting with the easy stuff like setting the table, getting out all my ingredients, making soup stock and marinating the pork. But I waited to begin cooking until Rene arrived at 7:00 with his digital camera, since I wanted him to get some shots of the process.

This being the first ThingsAsian Dinner & a Movie, the timing was a little different from what I?m used to when I cook a regular dinner. Since I wanted photos, I postponed a lot of my prep work, so it was a little longer between courses. I?d estimated three hours from start to finish, but it ended up being more like five. So it was rather late when we finished eating and started the movie.

Nevertheless, dinner was delicious, and the film was absolutely delightful. Afterwards I still had some tidying up to do, but had I washed a few dishes throughout the evening, so the kitchen wasn?t a total disaster. The rest I will leave for tomorrow. It?s late, so I?m going to save the dinner review for tomorrow too.