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Celeste Heiter's Adventures in Asian Food & Film

Deciding on the Cuisine and Culture

After much deliberation, I have definitely decided to go Japanese. After all, it's my very favorite Asian culture and cuisine, and there are dozens of excellent film choices to inspire the event. One factor that swayed my decision is the fact that summer vacation is starting next week, which means that my son Will is going to be with me more frequently, and I'm celebrating a birthday during the month of June. So, I'll be a little preocupied with putting on an end-of-the-year celebration brunch with my son, not to mention a little overnight getaway with my sweetie for my birthday.

With all that in mind, I thought it more practical and prudent to keep the learning curve easy this time. So I'm going to go with a familiar cuisine, paired with one of my many favorite Japanese films. All that being said...I'll return tomorrow with my choice for next month's Dinner & a Movie.