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My Japanese Cookbooks

This evening, I raided my bookshelves looking for all my Japanese cookbooks. I didn't realize I had so many. As a basic bible, the Essentials of Asian Cuisine by Corinne Trang should serve me well again this time. I also have a vintage Time Life Book called The Cooking of Japan. It's got recipes for all the classics and lots of excellent photos. I have two Periplus Mini Cookbooks called Homestyle Japanese Cooking, and Quick & Easy Sushi and Sashimi. And then there's a lovely little one calle A Gift of Japanese Cooking by Mifune Tsuji. I also picked up a funky one at the Friends of the Library Sale last month. It's called Japanese Country Cookbook, by Russ Rudzinski. It was published in 1969 and its pages are printed on brown paper stock with wonderful pen and ink illustrations. I haven't prepared any of the recipes from it yet, but I may just give it a try this time. Believe it or not, The Joy of Cooking also has quite a few Japanese recipes. And just in case I run into any unfamiliar ingredients in the process, I have The Asian Grocery Demystified standing by. Of course, if I don't find what I'm looking for in all those books, there's always the Internet.

I am already so familiar with cooking Japanese food that I hardly need recipes anymore. But this time, I really want to try some new dishes, so I'm going to have to get my inspiration somewhere...and that's going to take a little research.