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Tempura and Timing

I just realized that one of the the dishes I want to include on my Tampopo Dinner & a Movie menu is tempura. I?ve never produced a perfect batch of tempura, and with all these awesome cookbooks, I think I?m ready to give it another try. The only problem is timing. With all the other dishes I want to make, it may be difficult to get everything to the table simultaneously.

That?s the catch with choosing between serving a meal in individual courses, or serving it family style, with everything appearing on the table at once. With individual courses, the cook (that?s me) has to be up and down all evening, cooking, serving and clearing each course, so there?s no time to relax and enjoy the meal. And with a family style dinner, it?s a minor miracle if everything gets done at precisely the same time. But I do have an extra pair of hands this time, with my son in attendance. I may recruit him to help me pull it off, since I?ve pretty much decided to serve it all up at once.

I?ll have to meditate on this a bit longer, so check back for a definite menu tomorrow.