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Deciding on the Fresh Fish

With less than a week to go, the countdown to my Tampopo Dinner & a Movie has begun. Now it's time to decide on the fresh fish so I can order it from Vallergas tomorrow. I definitely want to include maguro, that lovely bright pink tuna. And salmon is another favorite. Hamachi is always an excellent choice, and maybe some red snapper too. Those varieties will be for both sashimi and nigiri sushi. And I want to order some imitation crab legs to make California rolls, and tobiko, the tiny flying fish roe, for a colorful garnish. I also want to include several kinds of shrimp: medium-sized prawns for sushi and the really large ones for tempura, along with a few tiny bay shrimp for my sunomono appetizer. Since I'm making so many other dishes, I think I'm going to skip the exotic stuff like eel, urchin, squid, octopus, and clams. Besides, the fresh, raw fish is always my favorite anyway.