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Fresh Fish & Produce

I did a bit of calling around town today, trying to locate fresh seafood for my Tampopo dinner. At first I was just going to buy it at Vallergas market, Napa's best gourmet grocery store. They always seem to have a really nice selection. But the only 'sushi grade' fish they carry are tuna and salmon. And although I want to keep it simple, I was hoping for a little more than just those two varieties. So I called two of our local fish markets, and discovered that both also carry hamachi, as well as fresh scallops and tobiko, the crunchy orange flying fish roe. So I think I'll be buying my fresh seafood at Omega 3, the little fish market closest to my house. I'm told I can pick up my order either the evening before, or the afternoon of my dinner.

I've also already shopped for my fresh produce. I was going to wait til the day of the dinner, or the evening before to shop for it, but when I looked at my list, the things that were on it were all things that would easily keep in the fridge for a couple of days: Scallions, green & red peppers, lemons, eggplant, mushrooms...nothing too delicate or quickly perishable like fresh herbs and delicate lettuce. The only thing I'm missing now is the giant daikon radish root for my sashimi garnish.