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I'm Good to Go

Today is the eve of my Tampopo Dinner & a Movie, so I went shopping this afternoon for my fresh fish. I bought a half pound each of sushi-grade tuna and salmon, as well as a dozen large prawns and a couple of ounces of tobiko, the tiny orange flying fish roe. Everything was delivered fresh today, so it should be fine wrapped up tight in my fridge until I prepare dinner tomorrow evening.

When I got home, I made green tea sorbet and teriyaki glaze, and got out all my frozen items to thaw. In my freezer, I had a package of thinly sliced sirloin for my Ginger Beef, a package of imitation crab for my California rolls, a package of ground turkey for my dumplings, and a bag of edamame, soybeans in the pod.

Shortly after I got back from the fish market, the UPS guy showed up with my new digital camera, so I spent the remainder of the afternoon installing the software for it and learning how to use it. I'll definitely be putting it to the test taking photos of tomorrow's dinner.

So...with all the shopping done, the table set and the advance prep work done, looks like I'm good to go.