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About the Fresh Ingredients

The fresh ingredients for my 301/302 Korean Dinner & a Movie are all things that I can buy at my neighborhood grocery store, so the shopping is going to be easy. I still want to do it as close to the day of the dinner as possible, because baby greens and fresh mint are on my list. They lose moisture and wilt very quickly in the refrigerator, and I want them to be as fresh and flavorful as possible. The most common Korean fruits for my fresh fruit dessert are apples, Mandarin oranges, watermelons, table grapes, persimmons, and Asian pears, so I will be selecting those varieties that look most appetizing this time of year. And since I'm going to be serving a mixed grill for the entree, I want to shop at a grocery with an on-site butcher where I can pick out individual cuts of meat instead of buying them in pre-packaged portions.