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Shopping for Dishes and Cookware

After all the shopping I did last month in San Francisco's Japantown, combined with all the dishes and cookware I already had, I don't think I need to do any shopping for dishes and cookware for this month's Dinner & a Movie. But just in case your kitchen isn't already equipped, you will need some kind of grilling apparatus, such as an electric grill, a stovetop grill pan, or even an outdoor barbeque grill if you have one and don't mind going to the trouble of kindling a fire. An electric rice cooker is always a welcome convenience, and of course, several garden-variety pots and saute pans. And a really sharp knife or two is always such a godsend.

For serving dishes, you will need plates for appetizers, bowls for soup, salad dishes, plates for the main course and bowls or plates for dessert. Plain white dishes are always a safe bet, especially with attractive garnishes , but when serving Asian food, it's also fun to have some dishes with ethnic patterns as well. Don't worry about making sure everything matches. An eclectic mix of tableware always makes for a more interesting and appealing presentation.