Chopstick Cinema

Celeste Heiter's Adventures in Asian Food & Film

Reviewing the Recipes

Since I'm still a neophyte when it comes to Korean cuisine, I reviewed my recipes one more time just to be sure of all the ingredients and the timing of preparing the dishes. I'm going to shop a day or two early and make the kimchi ahead of time, using one of the quick-and-easy recipes. I will probably buy a jar of commerically prepared kimchi (if I can find one) just for comparison. And since I'm so new at making these dishes, I've kept the menu simple: a pan fried shrimp appetizer with a couple of tangy condiments, an iced cucumber soup, a simple green salad, and a mixed grill entree served with fried rice and a medley of fresh vegetables. Once the dinner has settled, I'll serve a fresh fruit dessert during an intermission of the film.