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Planning the Prep and Timing of the Meal

For the first two Dinner & a Movie projects, my preparation time has run way over schedule and we've ended up sitting down to the main course much later than I had originally intended. So this time, since the ingredients and cooking techniques are so simple, I'm going to do as much of the preparation ahead of time as possible, and I'm hoping that I will be able to prepare the meat and seafood for the main course at the table on a small electric grill while we enjoy the soup and salad. The fried rice calls for leftover jasmine rice that was cooked the day before, and the vegetable medey can be par-steamed so that I can bring them up to serving temperature in a couple of minutes without overcooking. And I will probably concoct some kind of complementary marinade for the fresh fruit so that I can leave it basking in its juices until serving time.