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Preparing the Kitchen, Assembling Cooking Utensils, and Prepping Dishes Ahead

It's the eve of my 301/302 Korean Dinner & a Movie, and I spent most of the evening cleaning and organizing my kitchen, setting the table and preparing certain elements of the dinner ahead of time. I made sweet & sour daikon pickles, spicy kimchi, and two grill marinades, one with chili garlic paste, and the other with soy, ginger, and sake. I also trimmed and sliced all the meats for the mixed grill and put them in separate containers to marinate overnight. So, with the exception of the fresh vegetables for the salad and side dishes, I feel very well prepared for tomorrow's Korean extravaganza. And since I've done so much prep work ahead, I think the cooking process will go much more smoothly and efficiently than before, and hopefully we can sit down to dinner at a more timely hour than last time.