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Welcome to Dinner & a Movie for the Month of August

After all the soy sauce and ginger I've been using for the past three months, I'm good and ready for a change of cuisine. So, for the month of August, I'm heading for India, figuratively speaking, of course. Somehow the summer heat feels just right for a big pot of curry, and all the cool side dishes that go with it. With that in mind, last night I browsed through all my cookbooks for recipes. While I was at it, I decided on this month's film, and came up with Monsoon Wedding. I've seen previews for it on other videos, and have been curious to see it ever since. It's gotten nothing but good reviews and looks like a it's going to be a rich and colorful cinematic experience. I've already ordered a copy of it from, which should arrive in plenty of time for the day I have chosen for Dinner & a Movie. Can't wait!