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Looking for Recipes

As always, I got out all my cookbooks in search of recipes for this month's Dinner & a Movie project. This time, the ones that looked most promising for Indian food were The Cooking of India from the Time Life Foods of the World series, The Joy of Cooking, and Madhur Jaffrey's Quick and Easy Indian Cooking. Rene gave me that one for Christmas a couple of years ago, but I have yet to try a recipe from it. The Cooking of India has lots of unusual stuff, and believe it or not, The Joy of Cooking has at least a dozen Indian recipes that look quite tasty and interesting. The Joy of Cooking is usually the place I turn to for classic dishes, but this new edition has lots more creative ethnic recipes than the old one. In my search, I found so many choices in the cookbooks I already have that I felt no need whatsoever to go on the Internet for anything except a chutney recipe or two.