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Shopping for Fresh Ingredients

I finished up with the shopping for my Monsoon Wedding Dinner & a Movie. Since I had already bought my spices and meats, all I needed were a few fresh vegetables. And my refrigerator is full of homemade chutney. However, I still have to stop and pick up some beer. I couldn't find any Indian beer in town, although I have seen Kingfisher from time to time in years past. But Cost Plus has an India Pale Ale made in Oregon. I'm assuming that it's made in the style of the hearty brew that was shipped to India by the British during the colonial era. Several modern micro-breweries have recently revived the style, and I'm keen to try it. Although I am a little wary, since beers of that type sometimes put me right to sleep. A bottle of Sam Adams will knock me out for hours. I'm told it might be the extra hops used in the heartier recipes. Anyway, I don't want to fall asleep during the movie after I've waited so long to see it.

With all the ingredients on hand, tomorrow, I will prepare the kitchen and make my Curried Lamb Stew. Since I don't have a pressure cooker (those things scare the bejesus out of me) I'm going to simmer it in my crockpot. I may even make the Chicken Vindaloo ahead of time too.