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Happy Birthday Will!

My son Will turns 15 years old today. He was born in Tokyo while I was there teaching English. And since Japan is 17 hours ahead of Pacific Time, we celebrate his Japanese birthday the night before, and his actual birthday here in the Napa Valley on August 28.

For last night's dinner, I grilled two beautiful steaks of tuna and served them with a medley of stir fried vegetables, sweet steamed yams with butter, and plain white rice. It was so tempting just to eat the tuna raw, but since it wasn't sushi grade, I didn't want to risk it.

The temperature was over 100 degrees today, so it's way too hot to cook. We're having Chinese take-out instead.

So, Will darling...Otanjobi Omedeto Gozaimasu! (That's Happy Birthday in Japanese)