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I've made a most wonderful and convenient discovery. My favorite gourmet grocery here in town, the place where I often shop for the best and most exotic produce for my Dinner & a Movie, also offers free home delivery! an experiment, well in advance of my Suriyothai Dinner & a Movie, I gave them a try. They offer free delivery on orders of more than $100 (which I can easily spend at the grocery store on any given day), so I made up a list of mostly basic stuff and phoned it in.

At about 2 p.m., there was a knock on my door. My first home-delivered grocery order had arrived. The whole transaction was over in less than two minutes, and I sent the delivery lady on her way with a personal check and a generous cash tip. However, upon reviewing the grocery receipt, I discovered that $9.03 worth of pecans had been added to my bill, which I not only hadn't ordered, but also weren't delivered. Now, being a southern gal, I love pecans, but $9 bucks for less than two pounds of 'em...and I didn't even get the pleasure of eating 'em. Yikes! A call to the dispatcher was all it took to resolve the problem: $9.03 will be deducted from my next order.

There were also a few other problems...I got sliced sandwich pickles instead of whole dills, whole-milk cottage cheese instead of fat free (but boy is it a guilty pleasure!), fancy albacore tuna instead of regular water packed, and in every case, top-shelf brands instead of the budget varieties. So, as my Mom always said, I'll be dining 'high off the hog' for the next couple of weeks.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting learning experience. For the convenience of having someone else perform the chore of shopping for my groceries, I have to relinquish a certain measure of control... Not an easy task for a Type-A diva like me. I also learned that my grocery delivery will only be as accurate as the order that I place, so I have to be mindful in specifying exactly what items I want delivered.

But gosh, for a few minutes this afternoon, I felt like spoiled royalty.