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Beverages to Go With my Suriyothai Dinner & a Movie

Thailand is known for a variety of beverages, including tropical fruit drinks, iced teas and coffee, beer, and whiskey. The most common and popular beer brands are Singha, Kloster, Amarit, Beer Chang, Beer Thai, Leo, Black Tiger, Phuket Island Lager, and Bangkok Beer, which is for export only. Rice whiskey similar in taste to rum includes Mekong, Kwangthong, Hong Thong, Hong Ngoen, Hong Yok, and Hong Tho. A distilled white liquor called Lao Khao comes in both commerically bottled legal varieties, as well as illegal moonshine varieties. Another type of Thai liquor is an herbal infused spirit called Lao Yaa Dawng. Thai varietal wine is very scarce, with most wine in Thailand being imported from Europe. However, a label called Chateau de Loei, near Phu Reua in Loei Province makes a Chenin Blanc that is available on wine lists in some of the finer Thai restaurants.

I seriously doubt that I will be able to find even one Thai beverage in the town of Napa, so I will probably have to settle for another Asian beer, or perhaps a compatible Napa Valley wine, such as Reisling, Gewurtztraminer or White Zinfandel. Maybe even a demi-sec sparkling wine, since we'll still be celebrating Rene's birthday.