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Preparing the Kitchen & Assembling Cooking Utensils

I began preparations for my Suriyothai Dinner & a Movie today. I wanted to tie up all the loose ends so that I can devote my undivided attention to preparing a delicious Thai meal. So I cleaned my kitchen (including the fridge), finished up with the laundry, and took care of all the last minute details for some other projects I'm working on (as my second career, I also do graphic design and publication layout for several local clients, and wanted to make sure I had met my deadlines.)

I also got out all my cookware and serving dishes. Tomorrow evening, while my son Will is at Tae Kwon Do class, I will shop for my fresh ingredients, and when I get home with the groceries, I will do most of the prep work on the vegetables and sauces. I've been so busy with celebrating Rene's birthday and working on my graphics projects that I haven't had time to obsess over this month's Dinner & a Movie, but now that the eve of the occasion is upon me, I'm eager and excited as always.