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My Taiwanese Cooking Experience

Although I cook Chinese-style meals at least one day out of every week, sometimes more, and have eaten hundreds of meals in Chinese restaurants (not to mention all the take-out I've consumed over the years), I have never used a recipe from a Chinese cookbook, and have certainly never focused specifically on the cuisine of island of Taiwan. When I cook Chinese style, I just make sure to include all the basic elements, such as soy sauce, ginger root, garlic, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, etc. Obviously I have a lot to learn. And I definitely want to stray off the beaten path and include a couple of unusual dishes.I've never visited Taiwan, so I have no firsthand experience upon which to base the menu for my Eat Drink Man Woman Taiwanese dinner. So although I have a good grasp of the basics of Chinese cooking, when it comes to preparing an authentic Taiwanese dinner, the learning curve may be a little steep this time. No doubt, I will rise to the challenge, and learn a lot in the process.