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My Cookbooks predicted, there will be no cookbooks this time. Not one of my cookbooks offers any genuine Taiwanese recipes, and I even checked the public library database for Taiwanese cookbooks, but no luck. So, I went surfing the Internet today in search of recipes and information about the cuisine of Taiwan. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at the number of tasty-looking dishes I discovered. Within a couple of hours, I'd narrowed my results to several dishes that I think will adequately represent Taiwanese cuisine. Of course, there are lots of dishes that I was hesitant to choose for a first attempt, things like deep fried foods (which never turn out very well for me), dumplings and meat-filled steamed buns, both of which I'm guessing are rather labor intensive. I'd rather save those types of recipes for a time when I can focus all my attention on a single item, rather than trying to make a perfect batch of them while I have five other dishes coming off the stove.