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Designing the Menu for a Taiwanese Dinner

Last month's buffet style dinner was such a pleasure to prepare and enjoy that I've decided to do something similar this month. I'm thinking of serving everything 'Chinese restaurant style' in covered serving dishes. Which means that I will be deviating from my standard 'appetizer, soup, salad, main course and dessert' format. All the dishes include fresh vegetables among the ingredients, so there's no need to prepare a separate vegetable side dish. I think I still want to include a soup, and I've found a recipe that I think might be categorized as an appetizer. Nevertheless, I'm going to serve everything family-style in communal dishes, rather than on individiual plates. For dessert, I have some lychee fruits in the freezer that came from a grove in Florida sent to me by the orchard owner when I interviewed him a few months back. Last time I checked, they were still in perfect shape. I also saw lychees on display at Safeway last week, although this seems awfully late in the year for them to still be on sale.