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A Newfound Cookbook

In one last attempt to find a cookbook with recipes unique to Taiwan, I turned to my local library, which, by the way, I can see from my front door. There I found a copy of Martin Yan's Asian Favorites, with recipes from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand. I had high hopes for finding some extra recipes from Taiwan, but alas, none of them appealed to me. Perhaps because there were so many soups among them, and the main dishes called for things like quail, pig's feet, and squid, all of which I've eaten and enjoyed, but for my 'Eat Drink Man Woman' Taiwan dinner, I would prefer lots of seafood for the menu. So I'm going to stick with the six recipes I found on the Internet.

The good news is that Martin Yan's Asian Favorites containes a tempting array of recipes from Hong Kong. So many that I'm going to find it hard to choose when the time comes for my Hong Kong Dinner & a Movie. His cookbook also contains 77 Thai recipes. Wish I'd known about this cookbook last month. I've already ordered a copy for my collection and can't wait to try out some new recipes.