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Special Cookware

For my 'Eat Drink Man Woman' Taiwanese Dinner I'm going to serve it buffet style. The Hot and Sour Soup will be prepared and served in a crock pot. I will steam the rice in an electric rice cooker, use it to make Taiwan Fried Rice, and then return it to the rice cooker to keep it warm on the buffet. The main dishes will be cooked in a large wok, and as the stir-fry dishes come off the stove, I wiil transfer them to serving dishes and keep them warm on an electric hot tray. Of course, none of these special cookware items is absolutely necessary, however they will enable me to sit down to dinner with my guests, instead of spending the entire time going back and forth to the kitchen to prepare each course. But with adequate preparation and a good sense of timing, this meal could easily be prepared using only a wok, a saucepan and a soup kettle.