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Shopping for Fresh Ingredients

Today I shopped for all my fresh produce, and since none of the recipes call for anything exotic, I was able to buy it at my neighborhood Safeway. However, I'm still missing a few things, namely the chicken and fresh seafood. It's still two days til my Dinner & a Movie, so I wanted to wait until tomorrow or even the day of the dinner to buy the shrimp and fish, but it may be somewhat of a challenge to find a whole fish that's small enough to suit my purposes.

We have a nice little Mexican market in town with an old-fashioned butcher shop, where the meats, poultry and seafood are considerably cheaper than at our gourmet grocery stores, so I'm hoping to find my fish, shrimp, pork and chicken there. A little fish market a few blocks from my house is another possibility for the seafood items. Otherwise, I will have to make do with some fresh fish filets. Either way, I'm sure it will all be delicious.