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Halloween Plans

Every year, Rene and his sister's boyfriend David decorate their house for Halloween, and every year, it gets more elaborate. This year, it's done up like a Medieval castle with a draw bridge and a steaming dragon on the roof. Inside, there will be lots of props like mummies & ghouls popping out from unexpected places. They really go all out. Rene is always a little unsettled when the Six Flags season finishes at the end of the summer, so this project gives him something constructive and fun to do with his free days. Six Flags is still open on weekends, but he has lots of time in between. He hates to be idle and always loves a creative project. So he really throws himself into the Halloween decorations. And every year, it's more impressive than the last.

I've been so busy with work these past few weeks that I've hardly had time to consider my own Halloween costume. I spent all day last Saturday helping my son Will to costume himself as Miroku, his favorite Inuyasha anime character. For myself, I'm going 'Goth', which means I'm just going to put together lots of elegant black garments and accessories, with no specific character in mind. Although I always feel somewhat ridiculous in costume, I've had fun with it in years past. Last year, I went dressed as Frida Kahlo, and the year before that, as a Japanese geisha.