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A Dinner & a Movie Dilemma

As my friends and family are gradually becoming aware of my monthly Dinner & a Movie project, I've recently had inquiries as to who gets to come and enjoy my feasts and films. This has given me reason to consider when I'm finally going to start inviting guests other than Rene and my son Will to partake. I suppose the curiosity of my friends and family comes mainly from the fact that, in my e-mails and conversations with them, I often allude to the dishes I'm planning to serve, and sometimes I'm guilty of downright bragging once the dinners are done. So it's only a matter of time until I will have to 'put my money where my mouth is' and invite a few extra guests to my Dinner & a Movie.

Last month, in response to an e-mail with an alluring description of my Taiwanese 'Eat Drink Man Woman' dinner menu that I sent to Camie Bianchi, owner of Your Home... Nursing Services, a home health care agency, her reply was, "I'm coming for dinner!" A few days ago, Yvonne Baginski, publisher of a seniors' resources magazine called Born to Age, asked "Who gets to eat all that food?" And just today, my artist friend Michael Knigin e-mailed from the Hamptons to ask, "Why wasn't I invited???"

Although I would love to have had all of them as guests at my table, with all the unfamiliar cuisines I'm learning to prepare, alas...Here is how I answered: "You'll be first on my list when I get confidence enough to invite a few extra guests for Dinner & a Movie. At present, however, when things get cookin' in my kitchen on my Dinner & a Movie night, I'm usually just one bean sprout away from total insanity. Somehow I always manage to pull it off without pulling out my hair and ordering pizza delivery. But I'm not quite ready for anyone but Rene and and my son Will to see me like that. :>) And although the dishes almost always come out tasting as good as they look, and I always make it sound like a Swiss picnic in my weblog, don't believe a word of it. It's more like pandemonium in a pot. But I'm getting a little better at it each month, so... by next Spring, I might be brave enough to invite a couple of extra guests...Although I will probably have to put them to work in my kitchen!"