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About the Fresh Ingredients

The ingredients for my 'Children of Heaven' Iranian dinner include lamb steaks or filets, ground beef, chicken breasts, yogurt, spinach, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, scallions, cherries, parsley, and dill. So, because of the delicacy of these herbs and the fresh vegetables, and meats, I will once again be shopping as near to the day of the dinner as possible. I just hope I don't run into a jam at the supermarket as hundreds of frenzied shoppers gather ingredients for their Thanksgiving dinners.

With my limited knowledge of Iranian cuisine, I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed by the seemingly endless variety of dishes that can be made with a basic suite of ingredients. They all seem to call for the same basic things, which are then combined and assembled in different ways to produce each unique dish. So, I looked over my recipes once more before heading to the market for my fresh ingredients. I'm sure that once I get started preparing each dish, It will all fall into place and I'll be right at home in my kitchen as usual.