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A Little Background Info on Children of Heaven

'Children of Heaven' is one of the most endearing films I've ever seen. Rene rented it from our local video store a couple of years ago. He is an avid film lover and often arrives with a video for us to curl up and watch after hours, when we've both finished our tasks for the day. His tastes run the gamut, from animation, (his favorite), to action, romantic comedy, mystery thriller, and even the occasional indie or foreign title. I never know what he will bring next.

Written and directed by Majid Majidi, this Oscar-nominated bijou captured the hearts of audiences at film-festivals all over the world. Known in the Persian language as Bacheha-Ye Asemanas, the story centers around two Iranian children, Ali and Zahra, a brother and sister from a financially struggling family. When the boy loses his sister's only pair of shoes, they must secretly share his until he finds a way to get a new pair for her. Amid the plight and pathos of their predicament, Children of Heaven offers a rare glimpse into the everyday lives of a culture that many perceive as mysterious or forbidden, yet still conveys the message that the travails and triumphs of children and families from any culture are often more alike than different.

I've seen Children of Heaven twice... Can't wait to watch it again.