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Shopping for Fresh Ingredients

Today I shopped for the fresh ingredients for my 'Children of Heaven' Iranian dinner. Since I didn't need anything exotic, I figured I could just do my shopping at Safeway. There's a brand new branch on the north end of town, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to see what they'd done with the place. But the parking lot was so jam packed that I could only imagine what a mob there must be inside, so I opted to save the sightseeing for later and shop at the old one near my house instead. Being the last weekend before Thanksgiving, I expected it to be thronged with shoppers gathering all the ingredients for their Thanksgiving dinners, but the store was nearly empty when we arrived. I guess everyone was shopping at the shiny new one uptown.

I quickly and easily found everything I needed for my Iranian dinner, and while I was there, I did all my Thanksgiving shopping as well. So, as far as the ingredients are concerned, it looks like I'm all set for spending the whole week in the kitchen making not one, but two elaborate feasts.