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Holiday Plans

This year, Rene's family is spending the holiday away from Napa, and my son Will is going to Los Angeles to visit his grandfather, so Rene and I are going to be left to our own devices. In honor of the occasion, I'm going to cook Thanksgiving dinner for two. Since I usually just contribute a couple of appetizers and the cranberry relish to Rene's family dinner, it's been six or seven years since I've prepared a full Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings. But having spent so many happy Thanksgivings in my Mom's kitchen, watching and helping her prepare the annual family banquet, like riding a bicycle, it's something I never forget how to do.

After my 'Children of Heaven' Dinner & a Movie on Monday evening, and with the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, it seems I'm going to be spending the whole week in the kitchen. Of course, making a Thanksgiving dinner will be much easier than learning to cook Iranian food, so I'm looking forward to a pleasant and relaxing day, enjoying my favorite pastime: Cooking!. I will be making several appetizers to sustain us throughout the day, including salmon and cream cheese with capers on sourdough croutons, stuffed mushroom caps, and crudites of fresh vegetables with spinach dip. For dinner, I will make mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed yams, green beans, cranberry-orange-walnut relish, and not one, but two stuffed turkeys. My son Will and Rene's nephew Jovan will be spending the weekend with us, so I want to be sure there are plenty of leftovers to feed two hungry teenaged boys.