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My Cookbooks

Much to my delight, I have discovered that three of my cookbooks contain dozens of recipes for traditional Filipino dishes. Last month, I bought a copy of 'Martin Yan's Asia', which features a whole chapter on the Philippines. My old stand-by, Corinne Trang's 'Essentials of Asian Cuisine' has a nice selection of Filipino basics, and even 'The Joy of Cooking' has quite a few, although they are not specifically listed as Filipino, so you have to look them up by the name of each individual dish rather than finding a heading for Filipino cuisine in the index.

Martin Yan's Asia contains recipes for such classic dishes as Adobo, Empanadas, Escabeche, Lumpia, Kinilaw, and Pancit. 'Essential's of Asian Cuisine' also features different versions of many of the same recipes. And just for variety, I can look most of them up in Joy of Cooking and find yet another interpretation of the same dishes.

So, with all those wonderful, classic Philippine recipes at my fingertips, looks like I'm good to go with my 'American Adobo' Philippine Dinner.