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Getting Acquainted with Filipino Cuisine

In my research of Filipino cuisine, I have discovered that it is influenced by many cultures, most notably Spanish, Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese, and Muslim. So traditional dishes include such ethnically diverse ingredients as Southeast Asian patis (fish sauce), Spanish chorizo and linguica sausage, spicy chili peppers, and water buffalo cheese. Seafood is abundant, as are tropical fruits such as coconut, mango and banana. Cooking techniques are fresh and simple, with the most common being stir frying, stewing, and grilling. The most common Filipino dishes include Adobo, a savory vinegar sauce for chicken or pork commonly regarded as the national dish of the Philippines; Empanadas, pastries filled with meat and potatoes; Escabeche, whole fish in sweet and sour sauce, Lumpia, delicate pancakes filled with meats, seafoods and vegetables; Kinilaw, marinated raw fish; and Pancit, a popular noodle dish.Here is a link to an excellent overview of the history and flavors of Philippine food.