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A Little Background Info on 'American Adobo'

The tagline on the box of my 'American Adobo' DVD goes, "Sex is the appetizer. Love is the main course. Friendship is the dessert." Sounds like a food film to me. Directed by Laurice Guillen, American Adobo follows a cast of diverse Filipino characters as they gather to enjoy meals together over the course of a year in New York City. The players include Cherry Pie Picache (love that name!) as Tere, a 40-something accountant in search of true romance; Christopher DeLeon as Mike, a married-with-children editor, struggling with the woes of domestic life; Ricky Davao as Gerry, a gay man grappling with the dilemma of 'coming out' to his mother; Dina Bonnevie as Marissa, a loose-lipped socialite married to a philandering playboy; and Paolo Montalban as the womanizing Raul.

Never having seen the film, after a long day in the kitchen, I'm looking forward to spending a couple of hours getting to know these five characters and comparing my Filipino food with the dishes featured in the film.