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Christmas Eve

This Christmas is going to be different for me in so many ways. My son's father is traveling for all but two days of the winter break, so Will is with me 'til New Year's Day. Will, Rene and I usually open gifts on Christmas Eve morning, then go to Rene's for another celebration with his family in the evening, after which we take Will to his dad's around midnight. The day after Christmas, Will usually goes to L.A. to visit his grandpa and cousin Josh.

But this year it's all going to be different. We will have Christmas Eve at Rene's sister's house (the same one with the big Halloween party), and then we will spend the night at my place and open gifts here on Christmas morning, just like regular folk :>) I'm going to make French beignets (little deep-fried pillows of heaven, dusted with confectioner's sugar) and fresh fruit for brunch.

For my contribution to Rene's Christmas Eve family gathering, I am going to revisit a couple of recipes I've made in recent weeks. I've decided to make the Stuffed Mushrooms and the Salmon with Dill Cream Cheese and Capers from my Thanksgiving feast, and the Kufteh Sabzi Meatballs in Tomato Sauce from my 'Children of Heaven' Iranian Dinner & a Movie. They were all so easy to make, and all so delicious that I have no doubt they will disappear from the buffet table faster than you can say 'Feliz Navidad'.