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ThingsAsian Dinner & a Movie will have a new home next month!

After ten happy and prosperous years at my current address, I'm moving to a new place tomorrow. Just four blocks from where I live now, it's a Victorian cottage in the garden district, with high ceilings and plenty of room to spread out, a spacious kitchen, a separate room off the kitchen for my office, a nice front yard, and a little private patio garden in the back with a flowering fruit tree and space for a vegetable garden. And just two blocks from the lovely Fuller Park.

It's a little scary to be moving after being comfortable for so many years in this old place, but it's so cramped here that the walls are beginning to close in on me. Yet, at the same time, I'm so excited about moving that my head is about to explode. I've been in limbo for several weeks with it, but I did put up some Christmas decorations to make the old place festive for the holidays, and I will be doing my Filipino Dinner & a Movie on Sunday evening, the day after Christmas, with a film called 'American Adobo'.

I've studied the 'feng shui' of the new place and have drawn up detailed schematics for where I should put all my furniture and artwork. And I have a five-day window for the move. I think some of Will's friends are going to be the muscles (for a modest wage and all the pizza and root beer they can consume, of course).

I hope to be settled enough in my new place to enjoy my annual New Year's Eve Gourmet Beethoven Dinner with Will. Every New Year's Eve, we put on Beethoven's First about 6:00 p.m. As the music unfolds, we prepare and enjoy a gourmet dinner together, and the Ninth finishes just at midnight when Rene arrives for a kiss and a glass of champagne after working his annual event at a local community center.

Can't hardly wait!