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Toward Entropy...

After two weeks in our new home, my kitchen is gradually coming together. I've been living amid a sea of boxes, not knowing the whereabouts of such everyday necessities as fish food, hair brushes, and the electrical charger for my cordless screwdriver. Since I didn't bother to bubble wrap, tape and label each of the boxes for the four-block move from our old place, every day is like Christmas, as I open them with delight at their much-missed-and-needed contents. My brother Michael who lives in Texas has been a constant source of encouragement and optimism via e-mail to help keep me motivated until I've unpacked every last chopstick.

I still have a long way to go before my kitchen is in 'apple pie order', as my Mom used to call it. There's a trip to Home Depot in the offing for such amenities as cupboard organizers and extra shelving. But even amid the chaos, I have managed to prepare several memorable meals, including our New Year's Day dinner which featured Crab Cakes, Vichyssoise, Sashimi Salad, Grilled Petit Filet Mignon, Seafood Brochettes, and Chocolate Coconut Pastry. It was a challenge, but I managed to pull it off nonetheless.

I'm definitely looking forward to my first Dinner & a Movie night in this spacious kitchen. The lighting is much better, there's so much more room to maneuver without running into myself at every turn, and considerably more counter space for prepping, plating and photographing. Can't hardly wait!