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Revisiting the Tibetan Recipes

This afternoon, I delved into my 'ThingsAsian Dinner & a Movie' file and fished out all the pages with the Tibetan recipes I gathered a few weeks ago. Since none of my cookbooks had any Tibetan recipes, I had to rely on what I could find on the Internet, of which there were plenty. I've narrowed them down to the basics: MoMo Dumplings filled with meat and herbs, a tomato-bleu cheese soup called Churu, a lamb stew called Then Thuk, a buttery chicken dish called Mar Jasha, and a side dish of green beans and potatoes called Tema. I will also be making a simple flatbread called Balep Korkun, and for dessert, a Winter Apple and Prune Crisp served with Po Cha, Tibetan Butter Tea.

The ingredients for this dinner are remarkably simple and common, most of which are already in my pantry, so my shopping list is short and easy this time. After I get my shopping done, I'll be spending the remainder of the day tomorrow getting my kitchen organized to prepare and photograph a five-course Tibetan meal.

The weather here in the Napa Valley is almost Spring-like, while the rest of the country and much of the Northern Hemisphere is in deep freeze. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to all those savory, warming Tibetan dishes.