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To Market, to Market...

Today was shopping day for my 'Seven Years in Tibet' Dinner. The weather was dreary with a steady drizzle all afternoon, and I'd much rather have stayed in, but I was nonetheless propelled out into the world by my excitement at preparing tomorrow's Tibetan menu.

I started my quest at one of our local thrift shops where I found an amusing assortment of rustic dishes for serving all the various courses I have planned. And while my son Will was at his Tae Kwon Do class, I went to the grocery store for all the fresh ingredients I will need. My shopping list was short and simple this time, so I was done just in time to pick up Will and ferry him down to his Dad's.

And since the Tibetan recipes appear to be so simple and straightforward, I didn't feel the need to do a lot of prep the night before. Instead, I'm just going to start around noon to give myself plenty of time to set the table and make all the dipping sauces, marinades and dough ahead of time.

With the winter holidays and my big move to a new house, it seems like forever since I made my Filipino dinner last month. So I'm definitely looking forward to rolling up my sleeves, donning my apron and getting busy in the kitchen tomorrow.