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All About My 'Seven Years in Tibet' Dinner...How Everything Turned Out

Last night's Tibetan Dinner & a Movie extravaganza was an interesting culinary adventure, although not my best or favorite. The rustic fare was a little disappointing, although there were two dishes that I absolutely loved:

Then Thuk, a lamb stew with onions, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, spinach, and bits of torn up pasta dough in a simmering broth, was delightful. The broth was savory and warming, the bits of lamb were melt-in-your-mouth-like-butter tender, and the bits of thinly rolled pasta were by far the best part. As I enjoyed each spoonful, I kept thinking, 'I should have put in more pasta'.

And...MoMo dumplings filled with ground beef, kale, garlic, ginger, and onion. I steamed them for half an hour and served them with a dipping sauce of soy, vinegar, chili paste and ginger. And omigod! ...they were by far the best dish on the table. I still have a batch of uncooked ones in the fridge to steam up for a tasty reprise of last night's dinner for a simple supper tonight.

Among the less-than-rave-worthy dishes were Churu, a tomato- bleu cheese soup that was tasty but not something I would make twice; and a sort of creamy, curried chicken dish called Mar Jasha, but I didn't love the influence of the garam masala in the spices; plus a green bean and potato medley called Tema that turned out so awful I didn't even bother serving it.

Nonetheless, on the balance of things, it was a fun and tasty evening, and the movie 'Seven Years in Tibet' was far more enjoyable the second time around, now that I'm informed on the subject of Tibetan history and the life of Heinrich Harrer.