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Special Cookware

For the past few Dinner & a Movie events, I have gotten away without purchasing any special cookware. In my kitchen, I already have a well-worn wok, an electric rice cooker, a single-element electric hot plate, and a thermal warming tray. What I don't have is a deep fryer, one kitchen amenity that has long been on my wish list. In the past, my deep-fried dishes have always been hit or miss, mostly miss. I think that's because I never can get the oil deep enough to accommodate the food I'm trying to fry, and there's no consistent method of temperature control.

So, this month I think I'm going to finally splurge on an electric deep fryer. Nothing fancy, mind you, just something compact and functional. And once the dim sum dinner is done, I'm gonna take it for a spin on some French beignets made with the original mix from the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, and a crispy, lacy, golden batch of Japanese tempura with ponzu dipping sauce. I guess you can tell there are no ravenous low-carb dieters to be found in this household :>)

Oh yes...and I'm going to need an extra bamboo steamer basket or two. The one I have is a darling little miniature version, which, by the way, I have never used. For this endeavor, I think I'm going to need the real thing.