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Designing a Dim Sum Table Setting

As tableware for serving Asian dinners past, I have a pretty wide assortment of small serving dishes decorated with Asian motifs. I also have all kinds of small serving baskets, and table decorations that would be suitable to create a table setting worthy of my dim sum banquet. In honor of Chinese New Year, I will be using lots of red and might even go shopping for a few paper lanterns and good luck symbols.

I'm also considering assembling all the dishes ahead of time, and cooking everything in little batches at the table. I know it sounds rather risky and ambitious, but with an electric burner to accommodate the wok for steaming, a little electric deep fryer, and a thermal warming tray, I think I can pull it off. Especially if I set up the cooking station on a separate side table. Or...we could just eat in the kitchen. But somehow that just doesn't sound romantic enough for a Valentine Dinner. So it's dinner for two with tableside cooking.