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Preparing the Kitchen, Assembling Cooking Utensils and Prepping Dishes Ahead

In hopes of getting a generous head start on my 'Road Home' dim sum dinner, I spent all day in the kitchen on Sunday, washing and chopping all my fresh ingredients, making marinades and generally getting acquainted with my dim sum recipes. And although I feel that I have designed a rather ambitious menu, I am confident that I can pull it off. But I didn't get nearly as far as I'd hoped.

When I began my preparations, I had envisioned having all my dumplings, spring rolls and croquettes assembled by day's end, but alas, I only got as far as preparing the fillings for them. So I will have to get started extra early tomorrow to make up for the overestimation of my prep schedule. Nonetheless, I have organized all my recipes and made notes on what's left to do to complete each one. And I have the whole day devoted to the task. My goal is to have everything in perfect order by 7:00 p.m. so that I can sit down and enjoy my Valentine dim sum dinner with Rene.