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'Sin City' Here I Come...With a Stop-Over at That Big Hole in the Ground

I've just finished [well, almost finished] a long day of packing and setting my house to rights before I head off on vacation. I still have a thousand little details to attend, but by noon tomorrow [if all goes off without a hitch] I'll be sailing down Interstate 5 toward Barstow, the 'Garden Spot' of California [NOT!], where we will lay our heads for the first night. Then two nights at Flagstaff Arizona, where it's an easy trek into the South Rim of the canyon from there. It's supposed to be snowing lightly both days [yippee!], something I rarely get to see in this pseudo-Mediterranean climate of ours.

After that, seven days in 'Sin City', not that I'm a big gambler or a party girl, mind you. I can walk through a Las Vegas casino, past banks of jingling slot machines, whirring roulette wheels, high-stakes black jack tables, and smokin' hot craps games completely unfazed. Actually, I've brought along a big satchel of work to do, should I feel thusly inclined while I'm there. I have several film reviews to write for San Jose's Cinequest Film Festival, some catch-up work to do on my weblog, the manuscript for my next book to finish and development for two more after that. And believe it or not, I'm looking forward to all of it. My local graphic art clients have been keeping me so busy recently that I've barely had time to write since last fall. And Rene will be spending most of his time with those of his kind, leaving me to my own devices for hours on end. Stuck all by myself in a hotel room high above the neon lights with nothing to do but write and order room service...sounds like absolute heaven to me.