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The Road Goes Ever On...And On...And On

So much for getting on the road by noon today. After all the last minute packing, and little details around the house, and stopping by the bank, and dropping off my bonsai tree and my Siamese fighting fish for Rene's mother to care for while we're gone, and buying tire chains in case we need them at the Grand Canyon, and stopping by for one more hug for my son Will since he stayed home sick from school today, it was almost 5:00 when we finally broke free of Napa's gravity.

Amazingly, traffic wasn't too bad at that hour, and it wasn't long until we were southbound on I-5. But I had forgotten what a long, long trip it is from Napa to Barstow, the last outpost before the desolate trek across the Mojave Desert. Although I have crossed that forbidding terrain on many occasions, I still get a little edgy and anxious, and it always makes me so thirsty just looking at it through the car window.

We finally arrived in Barstow at 1:00 a.m. The whole trip took nearly eight hours, with only a couple of stops along the way to refuel.

Being that this is an Asian Food and Film weblog, I always feel obliged to mention one or the other in every entry. So...I was pleased this afternoon when I arrived to find Rene's mother enjoying the last few bites of dim sum left over from Monday evening's Dinner & a Movie. After we were done that evening, I fixed her a plate with a litttle taste of everything. And I had enough leftovers to treat Will to a little sampler the next day, and plenty more to keep me from having to cook for a two days while I prepared for my trip. What a tasty convenience.