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While we slept...

...Mother Nature dropped eight inches of snow on us and we awoke to find the world outside blanketed in white, wrapped in a misty cocoon. I was delighted at first, but upon further investigation, it became all too obvious that the window of visibility for the Grand Canyon had snapped shut sometime in the night. Once daylight came, all the Internet webcams showed the same shrouded view from Yavapai Point. And by all accounts, there's no end in sight... [sigh].

So we drove all this way, only to spend the day in our hotel room watching the Weather Channel and old movies on cable TV. It's a good thing that we enjoy each other's company, and that we both have a sense of humor, and the grace and humility to stay flexible and optimistic in the face of disappointment. But in the immortal words of Scarlett O'Hara..."Tomorrow is another day..."